Problems with “Woke”

America's founding philosophy and Constitution prize the rights of individuals over the collective. This philosophy is opposed by philosophies derived from Marxism, including current critical theory, which emphasize the collective and the group, and ignore the rights of the individual. (This description is oversimplified but accurate.) (Theologically, Christians should care deeply about BOTH individual needs … Continue reading Problems with “Woke”

2nd Episode: “The Problem with Leading from Your Ego”

Now available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean, the 2nd episode of The Cruciform Podcast. Here are the resources mentioned in the show. The Arbinger Intitute, Leadership and Self-Deception, Jim Collins, Good to Great, Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall, Center for Organizational Design,,, Here is part of the … Continue reading 2nd Episode: “The Problem with Leading from Your Ego”

A Podcast

I'm starting a podcast. Help me crowdsource this; tell me what you think. Here is the concept: The NAME that I want is "Cruciform: Cross-Shaped Life and Ministry", which appears to be available. ("Cruciform" = "cross-shaped".) Clearly this will belong under Religion & Spirituality. If you don't like that name, what about these alternates? These … Continue reading A Podcast