Theology Class

I delivered my first online lecture for the Evangelical Theological Seminary (Visoko evanđeosko teološko učilište, or VETU) in Osijek, Croatia yesterday. The class was "Contemporary Approaches to New Testament Theology", and we discussed the differences between biblical theology and systematic theology, and how theology can inform worldview. It was SO GOOD to be lecturing again; … Continue reading Theology Class

Homeless Thoughts

There are two Republicans I would happily & proudly work to elect President in 2024: Georgia governor Brian Kemp & former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. Real conservatism without the performative nonsense. And Daniels's record as president of Purdue University is beyond impressive.

Toxic Organizational Culture

Here’s the story of a Black Studies professor, himself African American, teaching anti-racism to a select small group of high school students … … whose students kicked him out of his own anti-racism class for being insufficiently anti-racist. A few thoughts. 1. Not all anti-racism is the same. Some is poisonous, some is potentially … Continue reading Toxic Organizational Culture