Theology and Marriage

Recently, I retweeted @benreed: “The way you love your spouse reveals your theology much more clearly than a thousand sermons.”

My wife, who occasionally likes to pin me down in things I say, asked me: “Okay, so what theology does our marriage communicate?”  As near as I can recall, here’s how I responded.

Marriage is where God takes two separate people and uses them to grow & shape each other to serve him better. And they love each other & hurt each other & fail & forgive & heal each other; God works through them, their failures and victories, to make his power & presence more clearly manifest in their lives.

Just like parents are surrogates for God in the lives of their children, so loving & knowing your husband or wife teaches you how to know & love God, and to live in communion with him. 

(Originally posted on my old site, 13 April 2013)

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