Obamacare & Health Insurance

The purported rationale for Obamacare was: we need to do this to provide healthcare for 20 million (or 30, or 40, or 50 million; the number kept changing) who do not have health insurance.

I say “purported,” because the sprawling nature of Obamacare makes it clear that this is about much more than providing access to healthcare for people who don’t have it.  Obamacare isn’t about coverage, or healthcare for those who don’t have it; it’s about control.

Here’s what I mean: If Pres Obama wanted to do simply give health insurance (which we’re assuming is necessary for access to healthcare, a faulty assumption) to every American–he could have accomplished this with a narrow, focused set of legislative measures.

(Arguably, America already has universal access to healthcare.  Anyone who needs immediate medical attention can go to the emergency room at thousands of hospitals across the country and not be turned away.  But granted: there is no access to rehabilitation, preventive care, etc.)

Pres Obama COULD have simply asked congress to levy a $125 per family per month surcharge on every American with health insurance, something like the Universal Service Fund, the extra fee on your phone bill that the government supposedly used to expand wired telephone coverage to all communities in the country.

Here’s the math:

1. Say there are 35 million Americans without health insurance. Say it would cost $300/month to buy Blue Cross for every one of them.

2. Multiply 35 million uninsured by $300 per month = $10.5 billion per month, $126 billion per year.

3. If 35 million don’t have health insurance, and the population of the US is 315 million, then 280 million Americans HAVE health insurance.

4. Divide $126 billion by 280 million. We could pay for universal health insurance by charging every person (not family, every individual) who currently has health insurance an additional $35 per month.  Average that out: it comes to around $125 per month per family.

You can say that $125 per month per family sounds expensive.  Compared to what we’re going to be paying with Obamacare?  It’s peanuts.  You may think $300 per month is too low; plug in your own numbers, I guarantee it will cost less than Obamacare.

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