Chapel Sermon Thoughts

Today in DCC Chapel, Abel Lopez is preaching about singleness of heart: “Obey with enthusiasm, as though serving the Lord and not people.”

Rich Mullins quoted Kierkegaard re the beatitude, “Blessed are the pure in heart.” Mullins says, “To be pure in heart is to love just one thing.” ONE THING.

This connects with the great commandment: “Love the Lord your God with everything you’ve got: heart, soul, mind, strength.” Loving God is supposed to be the wire, the framework, that gives shape to all our affections & desires & loyalties & fears.

Is there ANY one thing that I love, above everything? I don’t know that there is; I spread my affections & attention thin. I love my wife & kids & school & church, and I love my Lord & his Word.

But too often, the one thing I love, that my world revolves around, is myself & my own comfort & whims.

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