In My Life

I’m pretty happy with life.

I’m fifty years old, in decent health. I have a job that fits me well, that I enjoy and am pretty good at. I’m making more money than I ever thought I’d make. My marriage is comfortable & satisfying. Our church is great. My daughter and get wonderful husband have moved to DFW, just a few minutes away from us.

That’s not to say everything is exactly as I want it. There are things that I want to see develop or mature: I want my kids to finish college & get established. I want Kayla to find a godly man who loves her and is good to her & for her. I want Josh to develop into the brilliant, articulate, confident man he’s going to become.

I want to lose more weight. I want to own a house again.

I want my college to thrive. I worry about that, probably more than anything else.

There are things that I want but do not yet have. But I love my life. I love living in DFW. I love sitting on my balcony in the evenings, feeling the dry autumn air.

Life is pretty good. I am blessed.

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