Scattershooting: Private, Religion-Based Education 

Scattershooting = throwing ideas together to see what develops. 

I’m working at rethinking our model for Christian higher education, rising out of the idea of postmodern Christianity as Christianity is exile. 

I know of four models of private, religion-based education that are analogous to what I’m envisioning. These are systems that go from elementary through post-secondary & professional levels. 

  1. Catholic schools 
  2. Private Christian (Evangelical) schools 
  3. Jewish schools–yeshivot, day schools 
  4. Muslim schools–Jamia?

The only model that I’ve much familiarity with is #2. I’m not happy building my model for postsecondary education on it, for a variety of reasons. 

Models 1, 2, and 4 seem unfit to me because they are not appropriate for exiles. Jewish education, on the other hand, has historically been done in exile. What can I learn about it?

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