What I’m Writing

Last spring, I published a short series of Vines, attempting to explain some basic Christian theology.  Although the comments I received were very kind, I wasn’t satisfied with the result.

I spent several weeks trying to figure out a different way to publish the material using video, before deciding that I am more of a writer than a video-maker, even with the new horizons and accessibility Vine offers.

But I’ve continued to mull over the material, and decided to publish it here, instead.

I’m envisioning a series of about 100 posts–with my history, that’ll take forever.  Short, daily descriptions of basic Christian beliefs, averaging about 250 words each, five posts per week (HA! with MY history?!?!?).

I am TRYING to write for non-Christians and barely Christians; time will tell how successfully I do this.

Feedback deeply appreciated.

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