1.04. Still Again: Why Does Theology Matter?

(PLS note: I have decided to publish three times per week, rather than four or five.)

Beyond the overall approach to morality in their lives, how else will their theologies affect John and Gina?

Say both of them get married. (Not to each other, although such marriages DO happen, and it’s an interesting hypothetical.)

John and Gina probably approach their marriages differently. Their views about sex, divorce, adultery, having children, gender roles, careers, how to relate to their friends, how to relate to their friends of the opposite sex, etc., will all be shaped and informed by what they think about God and how they understand themselves in light of what they think about God.

What if their marriages go through something disastrous: the death of a child, a life-threatening disease, bankruptcy or loss of career, an unfaithful spouse, the death of a spouse? How they process these disasters will also depend on, and be greatly influenced by, what they think about God and who they understand themselves to be in the light of it.

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