Pictures from Croatia 

The view from our temporary residence outside Samobor. Looks a lot like Grayson or Olive Hill, doesn’t it?

St Mark’s Church. Lower Zagreb has buildings from the 1200’s. Upper Zagreb has buildings from the Austrian (Hapsburg empire) period, 1500-1880’s. 

Below are Caesar Augustus’s projects from Pula: the Temple to Rome and the arena. These were built around the time of Jesus’ birth. 


Below is me, becoming more Croatian by the minute. Zagreb is famous for its “coffee culture”: the city residents’ favorite pastime is sitting in the open air cafes, drinking coffee with friends & colleagues. 

BTW, that cup contained the best cappuccino I’ve ever had. It was pure velvet, all the way down. (And it cost $1.75; take THAT, Starbux.)

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