Discussion of the Gospel of John in Zagreb, 17-19 July

My good friend, Stan Harstine, is a professor at Friends University in Wichita KS.  He and I were Ph.D. students in New Testament together at Baylor.

Stan is visiting Zagreb this summer, on his way to Helsinki for the international Society of Biblical Literature meeting.  He will be with us at Biblijski institut for two public lectures and an academic roundtable / tribina.  All events will be held at the BIZG Reading Room, in the Center of Zagreb at Gajeva 9a.

The public lectures will be in the evenings of 17 July (Tuesday) and 19 July (Thursday), and will address the relationship of John’s prologue (John 1.1-18) to the rest of the gospel.  Scholars have long suggested that the prologue serves as a kind of thematic “table of contents” for the rest of John’s story of Jesus, much as the greetings of some of Paul’s letters “preview” the themes of the letters that they introduce.

The tribina will be held the afternoon of 18 July.  Dr. Harstine will present a paper on the “Johannine Pentecost”, i.e., the story in John 20 where Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit onto his disciples.  Other papers on the topic of the Holy Spirit’s role in John’s gospel will be presented, both by BIZG personnel and by visitors.

All events will be in English, with translation into Croatian.  All events are open to the public at no cost.  And all events will be at BIZG’s Reading Room, Gajeva 9a.

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