Let Me Brag About My Wife

I’ve been married to my wife, Beth, for 32 years this May. And I have been employed in some form of full-time ministry for 31 years this August.

In our 32 years, we have moved from ministry to ministry. California, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Texas, Croatia. All those moves were for MY ministries. (Or so it seemed.)

But I’ve noticed something; everywhere we move, she has vital, successful ministries. She does work that has lasting, eternal impact. She allows herself, her energy & effort & intelligence, to be used by God to change people’s lives.

As I write this, she is at the Kušlanova Church of Christ with 35 Christian women from around Zagreb. She and our pastor’s wife have organized a retreat. It’s a life-changing experience for those women.

It makes me think:

Could it be that, while we THINK we’re moving for the ministries to which God is calling ME (and she is coming along as my support), in reality that’s backward?

Maybe God is moving us so that she can do the vital ministry that he’s called HER to do, and I am along first to support her? I’m the opening act, the player to be named later?

It’s probably both/and instead of either/or. There are opportunities for ministry all around us.

Regardless, I’m incredibly proud of my wife, and the life-giving way that God ministers through her.

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