Vienna and Budapest (and Zagreb)

Beth’s brothers & sisters flew in to Zagreb last week. Since Saturday, we’ve been traveling to the major historical capital cities along the Danube.

So since Zagreb, we’ve been to Budapest & Vienna (with Prague still to come.)

This is our second trip to Budapest, but our first doesn’t really count; we were there for less than 10 hours the first time, just a day trip.

This has been our third trip to Vienna. We’ve spent some extended time here.

So let me tell you about Zagreb, Vienna, and Budapest.

Zagreb is warm, friendly, and busy. Zagreb is Ft Worth.

Budapest is beautiful & majestic, but in a sad way. More reserved and wealthier than Zagreb, but still relatively friendly. If Zagreb is Ft Worth, then Budapest might be Dallas. (Not a perfect analogy; help me out.)

Vienna is just Vienna. Majestic, expensive, rude, beautiful. Vienna was the center of the world 150 years ago, and they haven’t forgotten. And they don’t want visitors to forget it either.

Vienna is NOT warm. Waiters & salespeople tolerate customers. Usually. Service with a snarl.

We’re headed to Prague tomorrow morning.

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