Prayer for the Lausanne Conference in Croatia

I prayed the following prayer this morning at the meeting of the Lausanne Conference in Croatia.

Our Father God, I am thankful for many things this morning.

I am thankful for the beautiful day you have given us.

I am thankful for life and the many blessings you give.

I am thankful for this fellowship of your servants that you have called together at this conference.

I am thankful for Jesus your son, and the grace & life we receive through him.

I am thankful for this beautiful country that you have called us to serve.

But Lord, this country is filled with idols. The people around us worship money. They worship sex. They worship power & status; these are the idols they worship.

They also worship fear. And anxiety. And tradition. And complaining.

And we confess: we also are tempted to worship these false gods. Sometimes WE put our faith in these things, seeking security or strength or comfort.

Father, make us like Elijah & Elisha. Give us the strength to resist these false gods. Give us wisdom to speak to those with ears to hear, so that they will find the truth that will truly make them free.

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