Preaching Seminar at Biblijski institut

We (Biblijski institut) just hosted Dr. Jeff Snell, preaching professor from Johnson University, for a seminar.  He did an EXCELLENT job.  This guy is a REALLY good professor.

(And he’s not just a professor; he’s been preaching in churches throughout his career.  He preached for Kristova Crkva this past Sunday, and his sermon was excellent as well; practical, applicable, memorable, and just the right length.)

Snell Seminar

Yesterday, Dr. Snell taught a capacity crowd about the differences between inductive, deductive, and narrative preaching.  Then he took a text from the gospels and showed how it could be preached with all three of these approaches.

If I was 18-20 years old and hearing the call to ministry (or the parent of such an 18-20 year old), I would DEFINITELY consider Johnson University.  It’s an excellent school, regionally accredited.  The ministry program has a great faculty.

(AND Johnson costs several thousand dollars less per year than its competitors.)

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