Leaving DFW

As I noted last week, there’s just no place on earth that makes my heart resonate the way Dallas / Fort Worth does. There’s no other place we belong the way we belong here.

From the moment we left DFW in 2001, we longed to be back. Then we came back in 2012, and thought we would live here forever. And then that belonging, that home, was ripped from our grasp.

So now we come back and visit. Our daughter & our church are here. Tons of friends are here. The college that was once the center of my universe is here.

And every time we visit, I find myself singing an old, cheesy Neil Diamond song, “I Am, I Said”. It’s a song about how he felt like New York was his home but he was stuck in LA;

LA’s fine but it ain’t home,

New York’s home but it ain’t mine no more.

I know how he felt.

Maybe God let us have a few years of home, and then allowed it to be taken from us, so that we’d remember that our home is never really here, in a Hebrews 11.1 way.

Or maybe he’ll bring us back someday to stay.

I don’t know. He knows.

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