Ministry in times of COVID-19

From 5Q Central:

As we approach Holy Week and contemplate the journey that Jesus took, we are also reminded of a group of disciples who needed to let go of their old ideas and allow their eyes and hearts to be opened to a new way. Jesus’ group of disciples and followers were about to experience a seismic shift of their own. What at first appeared to be death and confusion, ultimately became freedom and a release of the church to new ways and new peoples.

The church today, the world today, is experiencing a shift and it’s one that can lead to new breakthroughs! With church buildings closed around the world, the church itself is released and mobilized. We’re seeing people fanning into flame the gifts that God gave them in new ways:

  • Apostles are figuring out innovative and creative ways to passionately connect with others.
  • Prophets are concerned for the welfare of the disenfranchised or the disempowered.
  • Evangelists are looking for ways to open doors and share the good news with those who are hurting, alone, or never would have entered a church anyway.
  • Shepherds are sharing God’s compassion and comfort.
  • Teachers are offering ideas on how to navigate this challenging time.

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