What Is “Prolife”?

What does it mean to be prolife? How do we define the label? What is its scope?

For example: is abortion the only issue that the label “prolife” pertains to? Or does/should/can “prolife” also refer to a person’s stance toward capital punishment, war, poverty, healthcare, etc.? If not, why not?

Also: assuming “prolife” applies only to abortion, does it apply to everyone who is against abortion? Does the label belong to everyone who shares the goal of eliminating abortion? Or does it apply only to those who support certain strategies for eliminating abortion?

Can people who are incrementalists, who want to use various means to start reducing the number of abortions NOW, call themselves prolife?

What about those who want to use influence and means other than laws to reduce the number of abortions; are the only people who are “prolife” those who want to outlaw abortion?

Overturning Roe v Wade would not end abortion in America. It would not necessarily further reduce the number of abortions. Neither would defunding Planned Parenthood, or even driving it out of business. These would be symbolic steps, and their actual impact is uncertain. Does the prolife label belong only to those who advocate these symbolic steps?

A constitutional amendment would outlaw abortion in America. I do not believe it’s a realistic goal; amending the constitution is extremely difficult. At least half of the voting public wants Roe v Wade to remain on the books, and half of the voting public wants abortion to remain legal and accessible.

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