Refugee Update from 8 March

NOTE: this update is two days old.

Pozdrav, everyone.  I want to update you on the situation here.

Today (Tuesday, 8 March) the number of refugees leaving Ukraine crossed two million.  Currently there are over 2,000 Ukrainian refugees in Zagreb.  Last week, the Red Cross and Croatian government projected that we would see upwards of 20,000 refugees, but were not able to provide a timeline for their arrival.  The situation is fluid, of course.  

The Biblical Institute is working with Kušlanova Church of Christ and our colleague Steve Taliaferro and his new ministry to assist the refugees.  Steve worked in Ukraine for four years in the early 2000’s, and has deep friendships with former coworkers from Ivankiv, one of the areas where Russian tanks and soldiers are active.  Many of his Ukrainian friends have been forced to flee their homes, or are waiting until it’s safe to do so.

Steve learned today that the Red Cross center in Zagreb is filled, and that refugees are now being placed in hotels and vacant dormitories, etc., throughout the area.  The government’s capacity for refugees may be running out.

Currently, we expect to rent two houses.  One will be for ten orphans from a children’s home where Steve once worked, plus three adults.  We will be renting and furnishing a house for them, joining with Kušlanova church to provide food and clothing for the kids, providing for living expenses etc. Kušlanova church is prepared to house several people at the building we share as well.

We also expect to provide a few small donations to other groups with pressing needs.

As I said: the situation is fluid and changing, and no one knows with certainty what the next few days will bring.  Whatever happens, pray that we will be Jesus’ hands, feet, voice, and heart for these people. 

If people want to give to support the effort, they can donate here. At the “My donation is for:” dropdown, choose “Ukrainian refugees in Croatia.” If that link does not work, they can go through

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