Fantasy Football 2022

So let me talk about something inconsequential.

I …won? …my fantasy football league this year. Sort of. Maybe.

I made it to the championship game, and was leading—BARELY—going into Monday night.

But my opponent had three players on Monday night, including Josh Allen and Joe Mixon. And on a normal Monday night, he would’ve smoked me and won the championship.

But last Monday night was far from normal. Bengals receiver Tee Higgins had a moderately hard collision with Bills safety Damar Hamlin. He hit Hamlin at just the right spot anatomically and at just the right spot in Hamlin’s cardiac wave to cause commotio cordis, causing cardiac arrest.

Now the game is canceled, never (?) to be finished or replayed. And Yahoo has figured the scores with NO POINTS from the discontinued/canceled game.

So I … won … ? yippee.

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