If I Planted a Church … (pt 1?)

For years, I have been thinking about planting a church.

Understand: I’ll be 60 years old before too long. NO ONE wants a 60 year old church planter. So this is probably nothing but a thought exercise.

(I actually kinda-sorta planted a church once. It was perhaps my life’s greatest failure. It began as a split, unhealthy from the start. And I was the unhealthiest thing of all. I learned a LOT about things NOT to do.)


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

If I started a church, here’s what it would be like:

  • It would be a SLOW CHURCH. Focus on community, serving the community, spiritual growth & disciplemaking.
  • Every service & study would center on a meal, most including the Lord’s Supper. Table fellowship is the best way to build community.
  • Our discipleship will center on Jesus’ words & actions. He is the lens for understanding everything else. If you get Jesus right, you’ll probably get everything else right as well.
  • We would serve the community around us, including intentionally serving the churches around us. Service is about the kingdom, not about building a brand.
  • An explicit part of our DNA would be that when/if we reach a certain size, say 250 people, we will plant another church. We will be a hatchery for church planters, to develop & send out leaders.
  • When we plant a church, we will send our best leaders, resources, and workers to start that new congregation. We will follow Jesus’ example, serving by giving ourselves away. And if you’re going to send someone, we should send your best.

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