“Doing Things Jesus’ Way Won’t Work”

During the current hostilities in the culture war, I have heard Christians say, “Doing things Jesus’ way won’t work.”

Turning the other cheek, blessing those who curse you, etc., those are for a kinder, gentler time. They don’t work today.

“Things today are too desperate, Christians and Christianity have never been under such attack as they are today,” etc.


May I remind you that (according to tradition) eleven of the twelve apostles died as martyrs, and the twelfth spent years in exile? Did THEY think they should ditch Jesus’ instructions for how to live?

May I remind you that for much of the first few centuries AD, the official Roman policy in many places was to arrest and kill Christians?

Paul wrote several of his letters from a Roman jail, where he was imprisoned for the convenience of the Jewish and Roman leaders. Did HE think he should ditch Jesus’ instructions for how to live? Even though he knew his imprisonment would end with his unjust death?

Maybe they understood that it’s not up to the church to preserve Christendom. That’s Jesus’ work, and he doesn’t really need our help.

YOU are not the hand of God to wreak vengeance on his enemies. In fact, if I read Matthew 13 right, none of us really knows for certain who God’s enemies are. (Mt 13.24-30) And God’s enemies aren’t the PEOPLE anyway. (Eph 6.12)

We in 21st century America have never faced a fraction of the persecution that Christians in other eras have faced. The culture wars may have blinded us to this fact, but WE’VE GOT IT EASY. We ARE the privileged ones.

If you ever think, “Doing things Jesus’ way won’t accomplish the goal,” then I say “The goal you’re looking to accomplish isn’t what Jesus wants you to accomplish.”

Again: Jesus doesn’t need you to save him. He doesn’t want you to defend him. He wants you to follow him.

Even when it’s hard. ESPECIALLY when it’s hard.

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