Are Athletes Dying from COVID Vaccines?

Are athletes dying in increased number due to receiving COVID vaccinations? No. They are not.

Much has been made on social media recently of a “scientific” study claiming that more athletes have died from sudden cardiac death in the past two years (2021-22) than died of the same cause in the 38 years between 1966-2004.

The study further claims a link between this huge increase in deaths and COVID vaccinations.

But the list of supposedly vax-related deaths includes people who haven’t died; people who died but didn’t die of sudden cardiac death; people who were not athletes. It’s a complete dog’s breakfast.

And to top it all off, the authors claim to be showing a link between sudden cardiac death & COVID vaccinations without knowing the vaccination status of their subjects.

Particularly notable given the article’s claim about a link to COVID-19 vaccines, there is no mention of the vaccination status of each of the individuals listed in the article.

Here’s the whole article:

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