Presenting Svedočanstvo propoviedanja (The Witness of Preaching)

The Biblical Institute of Zagreb recently had the honor of partnering with the protestant fakultet of the University of Zagreb, Matija Vlačić Ilirik, in publishing a Croatian translation of Thomas Long’s The Witness of Preaching. This book is a standard seminary textbook for learning to preach, with nearly 100,000 copies sold.

I was invited to give remarks at the “launch” of this book, where we presented it to the public. My portion begins at 5 minutes 30 seconds, and is in English (of course). I was happily surprised to be able to take part in the conversation and Q&A at the end, as well.

Many thanks to the MC (and my translator) Filip Grujić (an alum of the Biblical Institute of Zagreb, now preaching at Radićeva Baptist Church in Zagreb) and the professors from MVI, homiletics professor Enoh Šeba and hermeneutics professor Jadranka Brnčić. Special thanks also to MVI’s Dušanka Profeta and BIZG’s Branka Riss, Nino Bronzinčević, Ivan Karadža, and Mathea Papo-Matić for their support at the event.

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