Understanding Sovereignty (An Arminian Perspective)

One of the features of modern Calvinism that has caused equal measures of relief and despair is their understanding of sovereignty.  R.C. Sproul once stated it like this: God is in absolute control of every molecule of the universe.  Therefore nothing happens that God does not choose, cause to happen, and render certain.  Anything less, … Continue reading Understanding Sovereignty (An Arminian Perspective)

Brief Review: Bartlett, Men and Women in Christ

McKnight has a post on Andrew Bartlett's helpful book, Men and Women in Christ. Bartlett summarizes the six "pillars" of the arguments against women in church leadership and finds them wanting. You should certainly read McKnight's post, and check out the book. The summary is excellent & concise, as is McKnight's conclusion; "Silence proves nothing. … Continue reading Brief Review: Bartlett, Men and Women in Christ