Corporate Sin, Corporate Repentance, pt 3: “Justice”

(I originally published this 2+ years ago.  I am republishing it as part of my discussion of corporate sin and repentence.) Scapegoating and Othering  Othering is a process that we as individuals or groups use to separate someone from us, to draw barriers that mark them as different and exclude them. We usually other people for … Continue reading Corporate Sin, Corporate Repentance, pt 3: “Justice”

Godin on Organizational Resilience

If you're not listening to Seth Godin's Akimbo, you're missing some of the best material available on leadership, marketing, creativity, etc.  Every week, this is the most brilliant stuff on the internet. Godin recently dropped an episode on organizational resilience, "Supple."  Church leaders and ministry leaders can learn a great deal from this episode.  My … Continue reading Godin on Organizational Resilience

Atonement, pt 9: Summary & General Evaluation

In this series, I have examined ten different answers that theologians, including the Bible writers, including Jesus himself, have offered to the questions, "Why did Jesus die?  What was achieved by his death?" Here is a quick summary of the series, again in roughly chronological order of their proposal by theologians: Jesus' death as ransom (the … Continue reading Atonement, pt 9: Summary & General Evaluation