Atonement pt 1: Why Did Jesus Die?

I'm going to "geek out" on theology for the next few days.  Consider this a cheap and amateurish introduction to systematic theology. I've been meaning for some time to publish the following material, which I originally presented at Stijena Spasenja ("Rock of Salvation"), an Evangelical Pentecostal congregation here in Zagreb. Why did Jesus die? What … Continue reading Atonement pt 1: Why Did Jesus Die?

Accountability Questions for Spiritual Adults

I am taking these questions from the HC podcast "Housechurch+" from 26 September 2016.  The hosts are leaders in Prairie Alliance Church, Portage, Manitoba. I am posting with their permission. Their identities don't really affect the impact of the material, but I think one of them is Chris Kehler (I'm not sure) and I haven't … Continue reading Accountability Questions for Spiritual Adults