Accountability Questions for Spiritual Adults

I am taking these questions from the HC podcast “Housechurch+” from 26 September 2016.  The hosts are leaders in Prairie Alliance Church, Portage, Manitoba. I am posting with their permission.

Their identities don’t really affect the impact of the material, but I think one of them is Chris Kehler (I’m not sure) and I haven’t figured out the other guy’s name.

Transcript starts at about 2.30.  They are talking about the format of some of their small group meetings, and the accountability questions that they will center discussion on.  I THINK THESE QUESTIONS ARE GENIUS, very specific and intentionally aimed at Christian maturity.

[There are] four questions that adults ask.

  1. What’s the next hard thing that you need to do?  Because adults aren’t scared of that.  [They can] name what it is [to the small group] and they get support to move into it.

  2. What’s the best thing for everyone (not just me)?

  3. What promises have I made that I need to keep?

  4. What is the greater reward if I wait (for something specific thing that I want right now, rather than acting on my desire)?  Because adults have good impulse control, and they can take a long-term view.

We’ll use those four questions as the starting point for those nights (for discussion), but start to apply them to a church, a marriage, parenting, budgeting–all these things that in our [small group] we know are where everybody really lives, but sometimes it’s hard to actually bring it to the surface.  …

[Talking about a new fitness routine, the “Turkish Getup.”]

What it is: you lie flat on your back, and you’ve got this kettleball that’s pretty heavy, seventy pounds, say.  And then you are supposed to stand up and hold the kettleball over your head without ever bending your elbow.  Very hard to maneuver it around; you can imagine how you could do some jerky movements, but how do you do one hundred (reps)?

So there’s this really specific progression of moves that takes you from lying flat on your back on the ground with this weight to standing upright with it over your head.  And so I’ve been working on that for a few months, and it’s actually ridiculously easy once you get it figured out.  Obviously, the more you do it you get tired, but you’d be amazed at what you can manage to carry when you’ve broken it down into steps.

Where that ties into what we’re doing here:

Everybody wants to grow up. They want to be mature.  There are huge benefits to maturity, we talk about that.  Mature people learn to be content with whatever the circumstances.  Who doesn’t want that?  Adolescence is a time of frustration, impatience, always waiting for things.  So everyone wants to grow up, but how?

Well, you grow up through the progression of asking these questions in community.  What is my next hard thing?  What do I need to wait for that I want right now?  What’s good for everybody?  What promises have I made that I need to keep?

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