The Holy Spirit pt 3; Daniel’s Observations

There was some discussion on Facebook regarding the original post in this series. Daniel Bartholomew offered several perceptive comments about how the Spirit acts. Biblically speaking, God's power is often manifested in deeply, deeply flawed individuals. Think David. Lot, called "righteous". Noah. Even Saul displayed the work of the Spirit. There does seem, Biblically speaking, … Continue reading The Holy Spirit pt 3; Daniel’s Observations


I tweeted earlier this week: What is the evangelical landscape in Croatia sometimes like? "In those days, Israel had her own king. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes." What did I mean?  Let me unpack that tweet.   Imagine a giant football ("soccer") stadium. Tens of thousands of seats. A beautiful grass pitch … Continue reading Imagine

Godin on Organizational Resilience

If you're not listening to Seth Godin's Akimbo, you're missing some of the best material available on leadership, marketing, creativity, etc.  Every week, this is the most brilliant stuff on the internet. Godin recently dropped an episode on organizational resilience, "Supple."  Church leaders and ministry leaders can learn a great deal from this episode.  My … Continue reading Godin on Organizational Resilience