Pastoring the Pastors

Since 2003, I have been involved in training people for ministry.  I taught Bible and ministry classes, and for several years have been the dean or director of schools whose primary foci were preparing people for lay and vocational ministry.

Throughout my career, one of my great worries has been how poorly most pastors handle the stresses and temptations of their position.

Too many pastors and Christian leaders are hanging on by a thread.  Stress. Isolation. Pornography. Other marital problems. Unrealistic expectations.  Bad self management. Financial pressure. Poor leadership skills that exacerbate their stress level.  And so it goes.

What can be done to help pastors handle these stresses better?

I have the vision for some kind of gathering, a “How to Avoid Burnout” conference or retreat.

The program would focus on “pastoring the pastors”:

  • Building community with other pastors
  • Improving spiritual disciplines and promoting spiritual health
  • Building support and accountability relationships
  • Building mentoring relationships with pastors who have seen it all before
  • Learning leadership skills (e.g., communication, delegation) that can help shrink the stress in some areas
  • “Face time” with veteran intercessors, so that each participant is prayed with and over for an extended time
  • Time in a group of pastors, giving and receiving deep prayer

Does such a conference or retreat exist?

Does anyone want to have a conversation about how to put this together?

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