What’s Been Going On (And What’s Happening Now)

(Cross-posted with narrativediscipleship.com)

I’ve spent the last three weeks in the USA, attending the Pepperdine Lectureship and visiting family, friends, and churches.  During that time, I have NOT been teaching, and have not posted any new material.

All that changes this week! Much new content on the way!

  • Starting this week, I am posting a new class at Narrative Discipleship.  This is a tečaj  (a short course) I am teaching at Biblijski institut, a paragraph-by-paragraph study of Paul’s letter to the Romans.  I will post new lectures in Croatian and English every week, along with all the handouts etc.
  • In July, I will begin posting new weekly Bible class lessons from Kristova Crkva Kušlanova in Zagreb.  I think I will be teaching the letter of James.
  • In September, we will pick up the Narrative Discipleship series with part 4, the teaching of Jesus.

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