On My Way to Vukovar

I am traveling today (by train, a new experience for me) to Vukovar, a city on the Croatian side of the Danube River, across the river from Serbia.  There I will participate in (and speak to) the annual conference of the Churches of Christ in Croatia.


Vukovar is famous because of its recent history; here the Yugoslav People’s Army and Serbian militia, during the Croatian War of Independence, shelled the city for 90 days and committed war crimes after the city surrendered.  During the siege, the city was hit by 12,000 shells per day.

Above is the water tower of Vukovar, preserved as it was after the siege, shell damage and all.

Pray for me as I travel and speak.  And pray for the work of the gospel in Croatia, and for Vukovar.  Vukovar remains a divided city, with a large Serbian minority.

Tomorrow I will post my remarks from tonight.

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