Enns on Jesus, the Cross, and Shame

Peter Enns writes about the foolishness of the cross: my only complaint is that his post isn’t long enough.

If God exists, our thoughts and words will fail us rather quickly, and that the truth of God will necessarily draw us further out to orbits beyond what our feeble minds know, what makes sense to us.

Which brings me to Easter.

It struck me a few years ago, sitting there reading some book, as my mind began to wander, that the crucifixion of Jesus is one of those things about the Christian faith that (1) I don’t really understand, and (2) seems vitally important to understand.

God is in some mysterious sense “with” Jesus not only in his death but in his shame.

The crucifixion undermines the divine honor-shame dynamic—not only of Israel’s tradition, but of Greco-Roman religion, and, as far as I can tell, any religion ever.

And that’s a big deal that no one could possibly have seen coming.

(Such greatness; when Enns is good, he’s extremely good.)

Closing thought from PLS for Good Friday:

In the divine self-sacrifice, the Creator of the Universe, the Eternal “I Am,” the God of all that exists …

… sets his honor aside to carry MY shame, so that I might somehow partake in his honor; my sins, so that I may be clothed in his righteousness.

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