Travel Story

I just returned to Zagreb after what was supposed to be a week in the USA.

On 25 June:

  • Zagreb > Toronto (non-stop!)
  • Toronto > Nashville

But I was delayed getting out of Zagreb, because of mechanical problems with the plane.  I was supposed to have a long layover in Toronto; I PLANNED to have a long layover.  But I ended up getting to YYZ with only an hour before my flight to Nashville was scheduled.  (That plane was also delayed, so I ended up having an extra hour in Toronto.)

And then: my luggage DID NOT ARRIVE in Nashville when I did.  It arrived around noon the next day, but I had to go to a meeting on the morning of the 26th wearing the clothes I flew in the day before.

Then on 3 July:

  • Lexington KY > Chicago O’Hare
  • O’Hare > London
  • London > Zagreb on the 4th

But my flight out of Lexington was delayed by big weather, which threw everything off.  By the time United had me booked on a flight to London, all the flights to Europe had left and I was stuck in Chicago for the night.  Luckily, United gave me a hotel, and I was able to buy clean underwear the next day.

My flight to London was LATE, 8 p.m.  So I was in Chicago all day.  But nothing to do except hang out in the terminal.

Then I had a long layover in Heathrow.  Anyway.

Good travel things:

  1. Patricia, the United CSR at O’Hare, who got me a hotel room for the night and $30 for airport food (and a care kit with deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)
  2. The Premiere Plaza Lounge in Heathrow, where I got a shower and two hours of sleep in a tiny little private hotel room.  It was expensive, but it was nice.

Things I should’ve done, and will do from now on:

  1. I need to get better at packing my carryons.  (See my next post, “Carryon Lessons”.)
  2. We landed at O’Hare several hours late, but an hour before a Lufthansa flight to Frankfort.  I should’ve called United customer service the minute we landed; they might have gotten me on the flight to Frankfort, which would’ve gotten me home at least 12 hours earlier.

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