Carryon Lessons

So what have I learned from the frustrations on my most recent international flights, and the frustrating flights that preceded this trip?

The airlines seem incapable of getting my luggage to my destination when it’s supposed to be there.  Remember: last December, it took FIVE DAYS for our luggage to make it out of Newark to DFW.

And certain times of the year in certain airports–Lexington in the summer, for example–are more likely to have weather delays that destroy the schedule for the rest of the trip.  Weather delays for international trips, etc., can mean an extra 24 hours in an airport.

So what will I do differently in the future?

  1. Maximize use of carryons.  I have been using smaller carryons; a briefcase / messenger bag, a small rolling computer bag.  I am switching to a larger Swiss Gear backpack and the maximum sized hardshell spinner.  I will never use an airline that doesn’t allow carryons.  And I will use the carryons for everything I can.
  2. What is IN the carryons?
    1. If I CAN use the carryon for everything, I will.
    2. Always carry one complete change of clothes in the carryons.
    3. Always carry multiple sets of clean underwear and socks in the carryons.
    4. Always carry toiletries in the carryon.
    5. Always carry Febreze in the carryon, just in case you have to wear the same shirt several days in a row.
    6. Always carry multiple days of extra medication in the carryon.

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