Signs of a Healthy Church

A digression: I’ve been talking about healthy and unhealthy church culture.  Here is a list of characteristics of a healthy church.  Some of these were suggested by friends on Facebook; I have given credit where due.

What are the marks of a healthy church?

  • Members feel responsible for the activity of the church, they don’t sit and wait for others to do everything.
  • Members take reasonable responsibility for their own spiritual growth.
  • Members are able to love each other & the world around them in spite of differences & irritations. The people are gracious.
  • Members practice stewardship. They are generous, and live out the truth that everything we own is God’s, and for HIS use.
  • Members value the Bible and prayerfully study it to feed their souls.
  • Members are confident in their basic beliefs.
  • Members have a solid understanding of basic doctrines & their implications. They know how to apply the Bible and doctrines to their day to day lives.
  • Members value and look to develop & support servant leadership.
  • Members are using their gifts & resources to bless the people IN the church and the community AROUND the church.
  • (Kristine Morris) Members notice when other members are not there and they reach out.
  • (Kristine Morris) Members challenge one another’s beliefs and accept challenge in return.
  • (Jim Owston) Elders lead and not dictate.
  • (Tom Yount) Acts 2:42
  • (Dan Cooper) Attendance exceeds Active Membership. Baptisms exceed funerals.
  • (Joshua Andrew Jourdain) no salaries; just alms and the redistribution of excess “tithes” / firstfruits.
  • (Joshua Andrew Jourdain) for every one time an immature person publicly confesses sin, a mature person would have already public confessed sin 7 times.
  • (Joshua Andrew Jourdain) encourage all those locally joined in the labor and assembling to maximize their contextual opportunities to pursue Deuteronomy 6. i.e., seek to maximize the contextual arrangements of believing parents inclusively moving through labor, trade, and travel with their children present.
  • (Joshua Andrew Jourdain) encourage families to live together in shared households to maximalize their ability to share financially and reduce their debt burdens and cost of living.
  • (Patrick Bewley) Actively welcome Holy Spirit and any seeking Him.
  • (Stražičić Nataša) Members sharing gospel with people around them who don’t know the Lord, bringing salvation. Mathew 28:18 to the end of chapter.
  • (Chris Condit) One of the core things we have pursued as a staff is “humble and hungry”. Always remain humble (esp if things are going well) and always keep hungry for the Lord.
  • (Ray Guy) All levels of spiritual maturity engaged with each other.
  • (Tracy Farthing) A body of believers who strive to love others as Christ does.
  • (Danny Mullins) Disciples who make disciples.
  • (Bill Atwell) Pastors who faithfully teach the Word, not just preach sermons.
  • (Danny Dyke) True Community.  Valid Authority.  Personal Transcendence.
  • (Zuzanna Low) The focus is not people but God. As we pursue Him and His presence, His presence meets all of the people’s needs, yet we gather not to serve people but to worship God first and foremost.
  • (John Catrett) Healthy members know the joy of the Lord and are not afraid to laugh at wholesome humor. Sincerely sharing.
  • (David Booth) Strive for unity
  • (Chris Condit) check out Francis Chan’s new church plant “We Are Church” –  Under practices it lays out a new approach (some would say an old approach as it’s very NT based) to church. Interesting in light of your question of what is a healthy church.
  • (Jerry Low) The Church has two missions; get people healed and transform the culture (nation). Jesus said to disciple the nations. We can only do that if we are mature and healthy Christians.

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