Ich esse bei McDonald’s (I Am Eating at McDonald’s)

Ministry in places other than the USA can be stressful.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being in Croatia, and I love exploring the surrounding countries. This morning I rode the FlixBus through Slovenia to Graz, Austria. It’s a beautiful trip, the hills & trees are just getting dressed in their fall colors.

So I had a meeting here this morning, and now have a couple of hours to kill before my bus back to Zagreb.

But first, some lunch. Right?

But I don’t know German. I can’t read the menus. I don’t know how to order.

That’s why, after walking around this beautiful, semi-glitzy (it’s not the Galleria, but it’s not Grapevine Mills either) shopping mall for 45 minutes, I ended up at McDonald’s.

Because even if it’s not especially good, it’s FAMILIAR. I know how to order, pay. And I pretty much always get what I expect.

Sometimes getting what you expect is enough.

(I wish they had WiFi, though.)

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