Why Do We Do?

The Biblical Institute believes three things.

1. That the church is God’s chosen vehicle for saving the world. The church isn’t perfect; it is filled with & led by imperfect people. But it is the means God has chosen.

2. That churches are healthier if they are led by men & women who are educated, developed, and trained for the task. Leadership is a gift. Leadership depends on spiritual gifts. But even more, the long term health of the leaders and the church depends on knowing the Bible, developing the fruit of the Spirit, and understanding how churches & leaders have succeeded & failed in the past. Talent & personality will only take a leader so far.

3. That believers are healthier, and will have a healthier impact in their families, neighborhoods, churches, and cities if they know their Bibles in a practical, applied way.

These beliefs are the core of everything we do. They are the foundation of our mission: we “promote biblical Christianity through education, networking, and publishing.”

Our long term vision is to see the evangelical community be strong, healthy, and influential in Croatia and beyond.

This is what we believe. This is what we do.

If YOU believe these things, join us. Be partners with us in our work.

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