Outline for Advent Sermon: “God Is Light” (1 Jn 1.5)

What does John mean when he says “God is light”?

1. God is honest.  We don’t have to worry that he is trying to trick us.  He is honest and straightforward.  He doesn’t deceive people.  He keeps his promises.

In the Graeco-Roman world, this would have been a shocking claim, a novel idea: an honest god?  All their gods were depictions of human nature, idealized in some ways and exaggerated in others so that they were MORE beautiful, crafty, vain, violent, hubristic, wise, lusty, powerful …

But what were the gods of the pagans not?  They were not honest and straightforward.  They didn’t keep promises when it cost them.

But Israel’s God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ …


2. He is wise He knows what he is doing.  He has a plan (his logos), and he knows what to do to make that plan a reality. 

God has a plan for the world, and it will be realized. 

God has a plan for YOU, for YOUR LIFE, and it’s the most satisfying life you can have.  It’s the life you were created to live, perfectly designed to fit you, your experiences and strengths and weaknesses.  Custom made.


3. He is good He is acting for our benefit, for our good.  We can trust that his plan for us is good. 

After what he gave (1 Jn 2.2; Rom 8.32; John 3.16), how can we doubt his love for us, or that his plan for us is good?


“I always knew there should be a God like that somewhere.”  Don’t you want a God like that to be YOUR God?

Don’t you want to entrust your life to a God like this?

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