Podcasts You Should Know

If you are a pastor, preacher, leader, or creator, the following podcasts can change your life in a good way.

1. Seth Godin’s Akimbo: Godin has a brilliant, unique perspective on most aspects of the pastor’s work.  He talks a lot about how we think about problems, how societal factors affect the decisions we make, etc.  Godin’s concept of minimum viable audience will liberate your creative process.  Added plus: most episodes are about 30 minutes long.

2. Brian Koppelman’s The Moment (available on Apple, Stitcher, etc.): Koppelman is the creator and writer of Billions, and he talks with creative types–actors, writers, singer – songwriters–about their craft, particularly about creativity and excellence.

Every person who writes vocationally–and if you’re a preacher, that’s you–should listen to Koppelman’s episodes with Seth Godin.  And his episode with Jason Isbell includes some of the most profound things I’ve ever heard about craft, effort, pursuing excellence, and success; every church leader should hear that episode.

3. Carey Nieuwhof’s Leadership Podcast: Niewhof is a pastor who talks leadership with all kinds of people.  He is comfortable talking theology with John Ortberg or N.T. Wright; online marketing with Chris Lema; good and bad leadership with Patrick Lencioni; etc.

4. Patrick Lencioni’s At the Table: Group discussions with the Table Group, led by Lencioni, exploring the implementation of Lencioni’s approach to leadership and organizational health.  Great stories and illustrations that will help you apply his insights; this is a stunningly practical podcast.  Added bonus: most episodes are about 30 minutes in length.

5. Thom Rainer, Rainer on Leadership: specifically church-focused, topics include ways to deal with not having enough parking, what to do when your sanctuary is too large for your attendance and how to follow a long-term pastor, as well as more general leadership topics.  Rainer is smart and he’s seen just about everything a pastor will encounter.

6. Brian Jones, Twenty-First Century Jesus: what conversations would Jesus be having if he was here today?  My friend Brian Jones (and my former student Dan Reischel) have great conversations with creative types, professors, pastors, etc., about the issues of today.  Faith-based discussions of gun control, overcoming anxiety, Christianity and Islam, LGBT issues, anti-LGBT (Westwood Baptist Church), etc.  A bonus: most episodes are 35-45 minutes long.

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