Christmas Letter and Appeal

From Perry:

As my thoughts turn toward Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, I give thanks to God for the supporters of the Biblical Institute, their gifts and your prayers.

They are the heroes who make the work in Croatia possible, and God is using their support to make a real impact here.  Because of them:

Help the Institute End the Year Strong

Are you wiling to give a special end-of-the-year gift?  Support BIZG

… over 100 people (an all-time record!) took our classes during the 2018-19 academic year.

… we taught about biblical Christianity in a record number of churches, all over the country.

… believers from many Christian denominations are studying the Bible together & applying biblical truth to real life.

… church planters meet together regularly to pray with and encourage one another in the difficult work of planting new evangelical churches in a country that is 86% Catholic.

… new books have been published by our publishing board; these are valuable tools for pastors, church planters, teachers, Christian leaders, and believers here.

Our students and graduates continue to serve in significant, impactful ministries. Our current students are pastors, elders, and lay leaders from all over Zagreb and beyond.

One of our graduates is finishing his Ph.D. in New Testament and teaching with the Institute.  We are publishing his first book, a guide to basic biblical interpretation.

One current student is the lead pastor of one of the strongest churches in Zagreb.  He will preach the gospel to over 1,000 people at a joint Advent service in December.

A group of our current students are active leaders in the Catholic renewal movement.

Another current student has a ministry providing home repair, help with groceries and chores, and companionship to thirty elderly individuals in his neighborhood.

These things happen because they and people like them gave and prayed.  NONE OF THIS HAPPENS WITHOUT THEM.

As we wrap up 2019, I’m asking you to help us close the year strong.  Are you willing to give a special, end of the year gift of $100, $500, or $1,000 or more?

Your generosity will enable the Institute to have a powerful impact in Croatia and our region in 2020.  More books published, more resources and tools provided to church leaders, more support and growth opportunities for pastors, church leaders, and church planters.

Please give through the “Support” link at the top of this page.  Or visit our fundraising organization, the Central European Christian Education Foundation (CECEF), at  Or send a check to CECEF at 455 McNally Drive, Nashville, TN 37211.

Let me express gratitude for one more thing: I am thankful for Brian Walton, our director of fundraising for the past three years.

You may have heard that Brian is leaving to take another ministry position.  At the same time, he is not really leaving us, because he will continue to serve on our board.

Brian has done great work organizing our American board, overseeing fundraising and finances, and responding to the needs of the Institute.

With Brian’s departure, I am taking on the work of fundraising in the USA for 2020 (and perhaps beyond.)  Please pray for Beth and me as I travel and visit the American supporters and friends of the Institute.  Please pray for me as I try to recruit an army of supporters who will commit to giving $100 per month.

May God bless you richly this Christmas season!  And again, THANK YOU.

Grace and peace,

Perry L. Stepp, Ph.D.

Director, Biblijski institut

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