“… overflowing with thanksgiving”

This was my Thanksgiving message to the American supporters of Biblijski institut.

“When you received Jesus Christ as Lord, you approached him with trusting submission and obedience. Continue to walk in him that same way, with him as the foundation and structure of your life, living in keeping with the things you were taught, overflowing with thanksgiving.” (Col 2.6-7)

I saw a term recently that I think captures 2020 perfectly: “doom-scrolling”. Doom-scrolling is how most of us spent too much of our time this year, scrolling social media or trolling news or conversations looking for the next signs of impending doom.

We live in a world that has gone half-mad with anxiety and fear. The madness is contagious, it’s infecting everything: our politics, our friendships, our churches. There is much to be anxious over, and we restlessly search for more and bigger things to be afraid of.

Our hearts are strangely anxious for more anxiety. Our hearts want people and things to blame for the anxieties that we crave.

We break out of this cycle by being THANKFUL. Thankful for the good things God has given us. Thankful for the good things he has done through our difficult (even tragic) circumstances.

He is always with us, and he is always at work around us, if we have eyes to see.

So pray that he will open our eyes to see his hand at work, especially in the midst of our anxieties. If you are angry or afraid, pray that he will replace your fears and hurts with gratitude for his great love, mercy, and faithfulness. And be thankful for the things he shows you.

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