A Podcast

I’m starting a podcast. Help me crowdsource this; tell me what you think.

Here is the concept:

  • The NAME that I want is “Cruciform: Cross-Shaped Life and Ministry”, which appears to be available. (“Cruciform” = “cross-shaped”.)
  • Clearly this will belong under Religion & Spirituality.
    • If you don’t like that name, what about these alternates? These will make sense when you see the core convictions below.
      • The Empty Christian
      • A Spirituality of Emptiness
      • Cruciform: Life and ministry modeled on the cross.
      • Cruciform Spirituality
      • Cruciform Life
      • Failing for Jesus
      • The Failed Christian
      • Christian Losers
      • The Losers’ Church
      • A Churchfull of Losers (like “A Saucerful of Secrets”)
      • Spirituality for Losers
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is “Cruciform” a good title, or should I look elsewhere?
  • The AUDIENCE is Christian leaders and growing Christians who resonate with the core convictions I list below.
    • Anti-triumphalism in church leadership, spirituality, and politics. Triumphalism is deadly poison. The ego is deceitful above all things. Any endeavor built on human ego will fail. The longer it lasts, the more people it will destroy on its road to failure.
    • Learning from failure. We learn very little from success, and successful people seldom understand their own success, except in a superficial way. Failure with faith is the master teacher.
    • Following Jesus on the way to the cross. Jesus’ example is victory through weakness & self-sacrifice, victory through failure. He emptied himself. For our sake he became a failure, an object of shame.
    • Emptying ourselves as we follow him. Serving Jesus begins & ends with weakness. As we lose our ego, as we lose ourselves, we find him; “We are more sinful than we can imagine, but more loved than we ever dared hope.” (Keller) Discipleship is becoming a loser like Jesus.
  • TYPES OF MATERIAL: I see offering three types of material.
    • Biblical exegesis that emphasizes the kenotic and cross-shaped aspects of the text.
      • (“Kenotic” comes from Philippians 2.7, where Jesus “emptied” [ἐκένωσεν, from κενόω, kenoo] himself, setting aside his rights and privileges to submit to God’s plan for saving humanity.)
    • Commentary on Christian issues and news (e.g., megachurch pastors crash and burn, Christian nationalism) from a kenotic perspective.
    • Interviews with pastors and Christian leaders about what they have learned from failure.

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