The Children Are on the Way

(Praise God.)

If you’ve followed the updates, you know that we have been anxiously waiting for a group of kids from a children’s home near Kyiv to make their way here.

For more than a week, they have been surrounded by Russian soldiers and tanks, firing at everything that moves.  They have been waiting for a time when they could finally get out of the cellar (literally) where they have been sheltering and make their way to safety.

Today, our partner Steve Taliaferro posted on his Facebook that the kids and their caregivers are finally on their way to Zagreb, where our group will be providing housing etc. for them.  

Here is the story from the Facebook page of Jeremiah’s Hope, the children’s home we are working with.


If you have noticed, we have not posted updates about our Rescue Shelter kids since last Friday.  We also asked you to PRAY! HARD!

Over the weekend, God honored our prayers.  Our Rescue Shelter kids, X, V & S (3 of our staff) and an American missionary friend who was also at our ministry center were all evacuated from the village.

During an early morning lull in shelling, tanks and gunfire in the distance, they were driven safely out of the village.  As preparation, X [name redacted to protect his identity] used red tape to write CHILDREN in Russian on every side of our ministry van.  The evacuation was a risky move considering other attempts had been made by neighbors who were shot or blown up in the process.

They are now safely in the western part of Ukraine in a refugee shelter. Their journey is not yet complete.

We are working on documents and setting our plan in motion to get the kids to safety where they can heal and resume life as children.

Please join us in praising God for their deliverance from harms way!!! Please also pray for X as he gets documents lined up and as we make final preparations to get them to their new destination.

(X will be returning to work in the Russian-occupied area around Kyiv, taking people to safety in the West. That’s why his identity is hidden.)

I am humbled to be involved in this sacred work.  Thank you again for your great generosity.  You are housing and providing for these children, who have experienced things I cannot imagine, plus their 3 adult caregivers.  You are bringing them to Zagreb, where they can live and heal and grow.

As always, you can check here for updates, and support this work through

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