Lessons in Bureaucracy

In my last update, I told you that the children were on the move.  They have moved to safety, but not much farther.  My understanding, at last update, is that they are at the Ukrainian – Hungarian border.  The current holdup is getting Ukrainian social services to agree to release the children to leave that country, which involves cooperation between Ukrainian and Croatian social services.  This, predictably, is problematic.

Still: our group has rented a large two-story house in Sveta Nedelja, with four large bedrooms and three bathrooms.  We have outfitted the house with bunk beds, and are gathering supplies and money for clothing etc., to take care of them.  I was able to visit the house Friday afternoon, delivering clothing, towels, sheets and blankets, etc.  It’s beautiful, modern, solidly built and well outfitted, with a large yard and a detached garage and storage building.

(A clarification/correction: in earlier posts, I said that there were twelve children coming from the children’s home.  There are in fact ten children from the orphans’ home and three adult caregivers, so there will be a total of thirteen people at this house.)

So we wait, prayerfully, for the papers to be approved, signed, and stamped. 

You may remember the opening chapters of Nehemiah, how Nehemiah prayed for the king’s favor?  We are praying for the king’s favor.  In this part of the world, governments are where paperwork goes to die.  Simply meeting the stated requirements is not enough for approval; you need someone to care about your case and to sponsor your cause.

So please join us in praying for “the king’s favor”.  Pray with us that God will open the hearts of the right bureaucrats in Ukraine, Hungary, and Croatia, so that the children are able to make it here, join the other refugees we are caring for, and receive the love and care that you have so generously provided for them.  

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