Much Excitement

I am very excited right now, because I am about to start teaching New Testament Theology (in English) for Visoko Evanđeosko Teološko Učilište, the evangelical seminary in Osijek, Croatia. I will be lecturing online for most of the semester, and in Osijek for an intensive week. l am PUMPED. I haven’t taught theology since I left KCU, more than ten years ago.

Fun fact: VETU is the school that produced Miroslav Volf, Croatian theologian and professor of theology at Yale Divinity School. Volf wrote Exclusion and Embrace, a theological reflection on the wars between Serbia and its neighbors in the 1990’s. Christianity Today called Exclusion and Embrace one of the 100 most influentia books of the 20th century.

As for textbooks, we will be using Volf’s collaboration with Matthew Croasmun, For the Life of the World, which is a POWERFUL manifesto for renewing and reinvigorating the study of theology.

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