Toxic Organizational Culture

Here’s the story of a Black Studies professor, himself African American, teaching anti-racism to a select small group of high school students …

… whose students kicked him out of his own anti-racism class for being insufficiently anti-racist.

A few thoughts.

1. Not all anti-racism is the same. Some is poisonous, some is potentially helpful.

2. Can anyone define “woke” and “wokeness” for me?

People on the right seem to treat wokeness the way Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart treated obscenity/pornography: we can’t define it, but we know it when we see it.

3. It seems to be a rule that a single toxic person, if they are toxic, stubborn, & charismatic enough, can ruin an entire organization.

4. Maybe we should worry less about wokeness or patriarchy or Marxism or ideology and worry more about countering toxicity, policing our own sides against the toxic actors who know how to say things we agree with. (Not that we shouldn’t worry about wokeness et. al., just that being a jackass is at least as big a problem for groups & organizations as wrongthink.)

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