Godin on Organizational Resilience

If you're not listening to Seth Godin's Akimbo, you're missing some of the best material available on leadership, marketing, creativity, etc.  Every week, this is the most brilliant stuff on the internet. Godin recently dropped an episode on organizational resilience, "Supple."  Church leaders and ministry leaders can learn a great deal from this episode.  My … Continue reading Godin on Organizational Resilience

Evangelical Engagement 8: Christendom vs. Christianity

My thinking re. the problems faced by evangelicals in Europe is shaped by the conflict I see between Christianity and Christendom. My thinking on this conflict is itself shaped by Soren Kierkegaard (hereafter SK) (Attack on Christendom) and Malcolm Muggeridge (The End of Christendom). In this post I will summarize SK's contribution. SK was a … Continue reading Evangelical Engagement 8: Christendom vs. Christianity

Accountability Questions for Spiritual Adults

I am taking these questions from the HC podcast "Housechurch+" from 26 September 2016.  The hosts are leaders in Prairie Alliance Church, Portage, Manitoba. I am posting with their permission. Their identities don't really affect the impact of the material, but I think one of them is Chris Kehler (I'm not sure) and I haven't … Continue reading Accountability Questions for Spiritual Adults

Evangelical Engagement pt 7: If I Planted a Church in Zagreb …

In what I say below, I am NOT saying that house churches are superior to other approaches. I AM saying that I think house churches fit some contexts--including Zagreb, and the parts of Europe that I am familiar with--better than traditional approaches to making new churches. I also am NOT criticizing existing churches.  The evangelical … Continue reading Evangelical Engagement pt 7: If I Planted a Church in Zagreb …