“Don’t Pull Me Up” (A Meditation)

My friends, Dave & Betsy Scott, are Nazarene missionaries here in Zagreb.  God is doing AMAZING work through them among the Muslim refugees here. They’re having a significant number of baptisms, developing leaders from among the refugees, etc.

We (Biblijski institut) are proud to be able to partner with them.

After a recent baptismal service, Dave sent the following meditation to his leadership.  I’m sharing it with his permission.

This past Sunday was amazing. I know [the person who was baptized, name redacted] has a special place in all of our hearts, but his baptism was…



Right before he was submerged into the water he whispered, “don’t pull me up.”

Don’t pull me up.

I can only guess what was going on in his heart. This moment in his life was a turning point; an about-face; a transformation; a dying to self to take on the character of Christ.

To signify this, he was baptized.

Just stop for a minute and think about those few brief moments he was submerged. 

Imagine the silence. 

Imagine the peace. 

Like a surreal, or more accurately, a REAL moment in his life and journey with Christ. It was a few brief moments where it was just him and God. A Heavenly Parent with their Heavenly Child.

A Holy Moment.



Don’t pull me up.

Thinking about this, I was reminded of Ezekiel 47. 

God takes the trickle of our lives, and takes it in a new direction. Then, through God’s sacrifice, the trickle is turned into a torrent. We are welcome to be submerged as deep or shallow as we’d like.

Deeper. Deeper.

God offers us as much as we could ever need. It’s there for us. To soak in. To bathe in. To drink in.

Don’t pull me up.

May we all rest in the Holy, Silent, Peace.

Don’t pull me up.

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Pull Me Up” (A Meditation)

  1. I love this!  We all need a moment like that…..every day!  Asking God to give you and Beth each a moment like that day:-) Lynette


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